Hi, I'm Gavin

  1. A designer who codes at Avara. Weekends at a Rectangle Factory. Previously design at Rainbow, Tlon and a few other places.

  2. hi@gav.space

Professional work

  1. Family Portraits, in collaboration with Family and LFE

  2. Cross-chain swaps, for Rainbow

  3. Uniswap Position NFTs, on-chain SVG NFT for Uniswap V3 positions

  4. Tlon, a suite of P2P digital basics on Urbit

  5. Sigils, generative avatars for Urbit

  6. Limerence Labs, my sporadic freelance studio

Just for fun

  1. PixelBug, mint onchain photos from your phone

  2. Inspector, a tool for creating onchain SVG NFTs

  3. Bibos, friendly spirits for your wallet

  4. Hello Wallet, an Ethereum paper wallet generator

  5. Embedded Forms, an archive of high precision folk sculpture


  1. RISD Industrial Design

  2. Github, Are.na, Bento, Read.cv & Twitter

  3. This website is a single handwritten ~8kb HTML file, uses no js, has no tracking and makes no network requests.